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These cases have room for the supplies you need to maintain your firearm for an extended stay away from home. They are great additions for your Bug-Out Bags, Get Out of Dodge Bags or 72-hour kits. The case go in the trunk of your car or behind the seat of your truck. The will fit in some packs, go on the outside of others, or on you shoulder with an optional shoulder strap. They come in different colors for your needs. If we do not have a bag in the color you want, contact us and we will make it for you.

Pocket Slider


Pocket Slider


How do you easily reach the items in the bottom of a pocket in the case?  The Pocket Slider is the solution.  Much like a desk drawer, the Pocket Slider allows you to quickly and easily remove and insert the small items in your roll-up case. See our Facebook page for more info.

This accessory is compatible with all of our roll-up cases.

Note: Sliders may vary from design pictured.

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Watch the video below to see the ease and convenience of the Pocket Slider.  Note that the video features a smaller prototype of the Pocket Slider.